What is a communal satellite dish and how do I get one?

Residents living in a block of flats often fear that they won't be able to get award-winning entertainment from Sky, and even more so if they're not permitted to install a mini dish. A Communal TV system solves both of these problems.

How does a communal TV system work?

Essentially a communal TV system is a central shared dish which is installed to your block of flats. Each flat can then be hooked up to this shared dish to allow them to receive Sky services, all without the need to install a mini dish on the flat itself. Certain types of communal system even allow residents without Sky subscriptions to receive services such as freeview and DAB radio.

How do I get a communal system installed?

The Cai will allow you to find a Sky approved installer who will be able to work with you to define, quote for and install the correct system type for you.

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